79% of internet users expect to find products and services information online. Having a website for your small business is a convenience to your customers.

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project [PDF]

Communicate with Clients

Having a website makes communicating to existing or new clients easy and convenient. Your website can include real-time updates about your small business, including new products and services and sales or special offers. Taking the idea of updates further, your website can include a newsletter for communicating the latest news to subscribing members.

Supporting your customers is also improved with a website by including FAQ’s or support literature. You can limit support to customers by requiring a login or you can make this information available to all visitors, allowing potential clients to see how thoroughly you support clients. With an email form, your clients can simply send an email directly to your business if the support information doesn’t answer their questions. And, if you are expanding your business, a website is the easiest way to find new employees. You can post job announcements that will allow prospective employees to contact you directly.

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