32% of online Americans say the internet has greatly improved their ability to shop - up from 16% in 2001. A well designed website will improve your customer's experience with your small business.

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project [PDF]

When developing our website, the Austin WebKing delivered a thorough design plan which ensured our site presented a professional image and accomplished our goals of reaching new customers and delivering content on our products and services. His attention to our objectives ensured a successful site.

Tom R, Chief Information Officer
Howard Thomas Group, LP

Besides artistic design ability, building an excellent website requires both technical skill and vision. My approach begins with a comprehensive understanding of your small business, its market, and its objectives, in order to design and develop a website which will further your goals. My thorough design process ensures that the look and feel, as well as the functionality, matches your ideas and preferences. Throughout the process, you will be consulted to assess that the website is taking on the image desired, using your feedback to mold the design into the final layout. Learn more about my website design process.

The custom websites I design and develop span from simple, elegant websites to highly dynamic, full feature websites. Using the latest techniques such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting such as JavaScript and Common Gateway Interface (CGI), my website designs are visually impressive and include user-friendly features like contact forms, image overlays, referral forms, and traffic analysis. Learn more about the techniques I use to design and develop websites.

Second only to the design and development of a website, hosting is a critical component of a successful website. Issues such poor speed or unreliability can adversely affect visitors to your website, while some hosting and domain registration companies can charge costly fees. The Austin WebKing use the world’s largest and fastest growing web hosting company, 1and1, to ensure that your website is always available and continually supported. 1and1’s reliability and low costs make it a best-in-class solution for website hosting and domain registration. Learn more about website hosting and domain registration.