Website Design Process

My website design process has one straightforward objective Ė to meet your objectives. This is why the design of each website starts with an assessment of your small businesses. Learning more about your businessís objectives will ensure that the website developed will present the professional image and include the features necessary to further your goals. Each small business has different needs, and I tailor my design to deliver the type of website thatís right for your business. If your business is just starting out, you may simply want an easily found website to establish yourself and provide basic information such as contact information and maps, along with general information about your services. Or, if you are growing your business, you may want a website that competes heavily with your competitors, delivering rich, deep content and offering membership access to exclusive content.

Once I understand your business objectives, I work with you to design the look and feel your website will have. I donít use templates to build websites but instead design each site to suit each specific business. I start by selecting color hues and font styles which match your small businessís professional image and your existing brand. Once we have a design palette created, Iíll design a website template with a page layout that incorporates the look and feel desired, including custom images to evoke impressions of your small business. Based on the needs of your small business, weíll also decide on the tools and features youíd like to have on your website, including maps, contact forms, secure pages, referral forms, and more. During this time, Iíll assist you in developing the website content - the most crucial part of any site. With tools to help you determine the best keywords to promote your website, weíll create content designed to showcase your small business and optimize your website for search engines. If you donít already have a website, Iíll also help you secure a domain name and a hosting company, and help you to set up email addresses for your new domain name.

Once the layout and content are finalized weíll move into the final phase Ė making the website live for visitors. Iíll submit your website to all the major search engines and directories. Each website also comes with a secure, comprehensive traffic analyzer, so that you can always assess how people are finding your website and what pages they are viewing the most.

During each step of the process, Iíll consult with you and keep you informed of the progress and the upcoming tasks. Throughout the design, Iíll incorporate your feedback to make sure the website is meeting your expectations and objectives while presenting the professional image of your small business. To start the design process for your new website, please contact me.