Nearly 77% of Internet users use the web to Search for product or service information. If your small business doesn't have an easily found website, you could be missing business opportunities.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau - [PDF]

HealthCare Systems contracted the Austin WebKing to improve our site's rankings among the major search engines. In addition to implementing best practice techniques, he taught us how these methods worked and how we should incorporate them into future pages we developed. SEO by the Austin WebKing increased traffic and helped to generate new customers. We highly recommend him to any business seeking to expand their internet reach.

Stephen C, VP of Sales & Marketing
HealthCare Systems, Inc.

As the Internet exploded during the late 1990ís, large and niche businesses immediately capitalized on its potential to generate new consumers and increase overall revenue. The so called Dot-Com revolution established virtual store-fronts allowing users to buy goods online directly from the outlet. Lost in the online rush were smaller, local businesses, who either didnít have the resources to build a website or who felt the costs didnít outweigh the potential benefits.

Today, costs related to building a website are substantially lower, improving the cost-benefit ratio and making it easier for small businesses with tight budgets to establish an Internet presence. In addition, the Internet has now become the most frequently used resource for gathering information about businesses. Whether itís to learn more about products and services, to map a location, or to find a phone number, the Internet has become the new phonebook.

However, a website is significantly more powerful than a phonebook or other traditional advertising. Traditional advertising is priced by size or impression making the cost-benefit ratio extremely low. Small advertisements limit the amount of information you can provide and larger ads cost too much. With a website, there is unlimited space to provide specific and thorough information. A website also reduces the amount of inappropriate leads by allowing potential customers to review your products and services first, before engaging you. But most of all, a website can help illustrate the differences between your business and that of your competitors.

A website is also very dynamic, allowing you to change content as frequently as needed to reflect changes in products or services offered, their prices, or special sales or promotions. A well maintained website will always have the most current information about your small business. By networking with similar businesses or by promoting your website with directories and search engines, you can use linking to generate more traffic to your website, increasing your potential for sales.

Establishing a professional, easily found website is now a critical success factor for small businesses, especially those whose competitors are already online. A well designed website can benefit small businesses by generating new clients, improving communication with existing clients, and by substantiating your business to others. Learn more about what website design services are available from the Austin WebKing.